Friday, May 27, 2005

Work from Home, unwelcome Herbalife Signs

Work from Home, unwelcome Herbalife Signs

If you're like me, you see signs plastered all over creation claiming that you can earn $5,000 / month working at home in the mail order business.

Turns out all those signs are from Herbalife, a multi-level marketing company that makes money by signing up distributors and selling them loads of vitamins to go and peddle.

Just thought you might like to know.

How to get in front of the leaders in the Yellow Pages industry

DDC2005: Directory Driven Commerce Conference

I'm often called by people who have come up with a new twist on local marketing. Their difficulty usually hits when they realize that somebody needs to actually go out and sell their concept to local advertisers.

"Ah-Ha!" a light bulb goes on.

"If we could get one of the Yellow Pages publishers to bundle our product in with their products, we could both make a fortune."

Well, since the Yellow Pages sales forces do reach more local businesses than any other advertising medium, it might actually make sense.

Cold calling YP publishers rarely will win you an audience. However, an investment in a small booth at one of the Yellow Pages trade events is a very cost effective way to be in front of the decision makers.

I recommend the events put on by the Kelsey Group
as the most effective in reaching this audience. Also, events by the
Yellow Pages Association

and the Association of Directory Publishers

are also very well targeted.

Hey, once in a while, a Yellow Pages publisher actually does promote a new vendor's product, and everyone wins.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Insurance Agent Yellow Pages Advertising Tips by The Yellow Pages Commando

Insurance Agent Yellow Pages Advertising Tips by The Yellow Pages Commando The latest newsletter is hot off the press.

Here's a sneak peek . . .

-- An Insurance Agent is Stalking Me
-- Answer to Last Week's Redneck Riddle™
-- If it can possibly get screwed up . . .
-- I thought that toothpaste tasted fishy
-- Who lives in a pineapple . . .
-- Where's a fake cop when you need one?
-- If you can't go in style . . .
-- Last Chance to Vote
-- Mr. Popularity, we miss you.
-- This Week's Redneck Riddle™
-- Quote of the Week

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Niche Directories - Waste of Money or Smart Targeting?

Beacon Journal | 05/17/2005 | Black Pages' price is right

Here's an article about the rise of niche directories, specifically the Black Pages (which serves the black community) and Blue Pages (service the Christian community).

Advertising in affinity directories can be an effective way to get your message to a very specific group of people. Typically, the costs for this type of advertising is quite low.

The downside is that these are NOT comprehensive, all-inclusive directories, and they will not receive anywhere near the use of a complete directory.

Here's my bottom line.

It's smart to market to a targeted audience that you serve, but it's smarter to generate enough business from multiple marketing efforts so that you can grow.

Ok, here's a little bonus . . .

The site requires you to register (I hate registering because I don't want to be spammed). Whenever you don't want to register, go to this website and use an account that they already have set up.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Sir Thomas Crapper Real or Myth - Plumbing History

Sir Thomas Crapper Real or Myth - Plumbing History

This past month, I've spent more time thinking about plumbing and toilets than is advisable.

So the question has arisen about the purported creator of the flush toilet. Was it Thomas Crapper? Or is that simply a load of Thomas?

For the real dirt, we had to do some digging.

Here's what we flushed out.

[Dang, I need a vacation.]

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Yellow Page Ad Sizing Tool

Yellow Page text - Sacramento Directory

Surewest Directories in Sacramento has a truly outstanding tool that visually demonstrates the difference in ad sizes and colors.

Roseville is a 4 column directory. Sacramento and Auburn are both 3 column directories.

Surewest also displays their rates relative to SBC's. I think it's important to remember that there are many more factors than simply price. You'll want to consider how much usage a directory receives, how much competition there is and several other issues.

If you're wondering what types of ads are available, how much they cost in these directories, and how they will look on a page, give this neat tool a whirl.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Local Search continues growth

This recent article at Cnet discusses success of some of the players in local search advertising and Internet Yellow Pages.

It's interesting that the advertiser cited pays $2 for every call generated via her ad on, an idealab supported Internet Yellow Pages.

What the article missed was that $2 per call isn't a bargain if not enough people call. that's the issue faced by many online directories. Getting enough users to justify selling advertising is a real balancing act.

Heck, even if she only gets a couple of calls per month. It's a bargain for her. She will need to find multiple channels of developing her client base as well.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Search Engine Spam v. Yellow Pages

Web sites that exist only to sell advertising

This article appeared in today's Wall Street Journal, and it addresses the huge rise in the number of web sites that have been created for the sole purpose of luring visitors to click on advertising.

The critical issue is that search engines rely on machines to create their index whereas the Yellow Pages directories are created by physical or telephonic visits to verify the advertiser is in fact who he says he is.

Also, although the Yellow Pages include listings of all business telephone numbers, they only contain additional information on paying advertisers.

Once again, money makes the world go 'round.