Thursday, May 19, 2005

Niche Directories - Waste of Money or Smart Targeting?

Beacon Journal | 05/17/2005 | Black Pages' price is right

Here's an article about the rise of niche directories, specifically the Black Pages (which serves the black community) and Blue Pages (service the Christian community).

Advertising in affinity directories can be an effective way to get your message to a very specific group of people. Typically, the costs for this type of advertising is quite low.

The downside is that these are NOT comprehensive, all-inclusive directories, and they will not receive anywhere near the use of a complete directory.

Here's my bottom line.

It's smart to market to a targeted audience that you serve, but it's smarter to generate enough business from multiple marketing efforts so that you can grow.

Ok, here's a little bonus . . .

The site requires you to register (I hate registering because I don't want to be spammed). Whenever you don't want to register, go to this website and use an account that they already have set up.


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Even better, if you use Firefox, you can use the BugMeNot extension ( by right-clicking your mouse. Much quicker!

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