Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Find YP to Introduce Yellow Pages Order Delivery System

For those not involved in the YP industry, this is a pretty big deal.

All national yellow pages advertisers must currently place their orders through a tightly controlled system operated by the YPA. It works pretty well, but like anything else, competition is good for fostering innovation and driving costs down.

Hey, would any CMRs like to make some comments? You're the ones being affected most.

YPODS to be integrated with eRates and Data system, providing a cost-effective
national order system for Yellow Pages advertising sales.

VERNON, NJ (April 26, 2005) - Find YP, a provider of innovative solutions for the Yellow Pages industry, today announced plans to launch YPODS, its new Yellow Pages Order Delivery System, later this year.

YPODS will be fully integrated with Find YP’s eRates and Data system, to provide a single point of access to directory rates, information and ordering for Yellow Pages advertising sales.

Find YP recently previewed the system to independent Yellow Pages publishers at the Association of Directory Publishers’ Annual Convention & Partners Trade Show, in Austin, Texas, receiving widespread interest and support.

“The response to our recent launch of eRates and Data has been tremendous,” said Philip Wojcik, president of Find YP. “With the integration of YPODS later this year, CMRs and publishers will finally have a powerful and cost-effective option for directory advertising order management.”

With a built-in smart ordering interface, the system will handle the layout and formatting of orders for certified marketing representatives (CMRs). YPODS is also being designed to handle national orders, for those companies that already have systems in place, exactly as they are now, so that these companies do not need to change the way they do business.

Find YP anticipates releasing a beta version of YPODS this summer for testing and feedback by the publisher and CMR users, with full release planned for Q4 2005.

The pricing model for YPODS that is being implemented, is a flat rate charge based upon number of directories or clients. The pricing structure is expected to reduce annual expenditures for transmission and receipt of national orders by the CMR and publisher communities by a minimum of 50 percent.


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