Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Web Ads Prompt Calls, Not Clicks

Web Ads Prompt Calls, Not Clicks: "Web Ads Prompt Calls, Not Clicks "

The PR machine at ingenio continues to raise awareness of Pay-per-call as an alternative medium to pay-per-click.

In the article, the attorney who is being interviewed states

"We've gotten about a dozen calls and half turned into cases," Frasier said. "I'm a believer. It fits my needs."

Now think about that for a second. If this attorney has generated 6 clients from pay-per-call advertising, it is a massive home run in terms of return on investment.

Let's say that he paid $30 per call (which would be at the highest end of the range).

He said that he's received about a dozen calls, so he has invested $360 (12 x $30).

I can't know how much each client generates, but let's use $500 which could be for a basic real estate transfer.

Six clients at $500 is $3,000 in revenue from $360 of advertising.

The emergence of pay-per-call will certainly help publishers and distributors monetize the leads generated from online directories.

This is a good thing.