Wednesday, March 31, 2004

I find it interesting that is getting back into the Yellow Pages business.

They were one of the original IYP providers back when the internet was new.

We were an InfoSpace "partner in perpetuity" until they decided that they would sell their traffic to Verizon Superpages instead of honoring their commitments and contracts with the publishers who supported them.

So now, I find that I am about to become an InfoSpace partner again because of my existing relationship with Switchboard.

The one major positive for InfoSpace is that the management team that sold us out last time is no longer around. They cashed out and ran for the hills leaving others to mop up the mess.

I am hopeful that the integrity of the Switchboard team and the new management at InfoSpace will make this next go round more enjoyable.

Time will tell.

InfoSpace Sees Green in Online Yellow Pages