Friday, May 27, 2005

How to get in front of the leaders in the Yellow Pages industry

DDC2005: Directory Driven Commerce Conference

I'm often called by people who have come up with a new twist on local marketing. Their difficulty usually hits when they realize that somebody needs to actually go out and sell their concept to local advertisers.

"Ah-Ha!" a light bulb goes on.

"If we could get one of the Yellow Pages publishers to bundle our product in with their products, we could both make a fortune."

Well, since the Yellow Pages sales forces do reach more local businesses than any other advertising medium, it might actually make sense.

Cold calling YP publishers rarely will win you an audience. However, an investment in a small booth at one of the Yellow Pages trade events is a very cost effective way to be in front of the decision makers.

I recommend the events put on by the Kelsey Group
as the most effective in reaching this audience. Also, events by the
Yellow Pages Association

and the Association of Directory Publishers

are also very well targeted.

Hey, once in a while, a Yellow Pages publisher actually does promote a new vendor's product, and everyone wins.


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