Thursday, August 03, 2006

Yahoo! Local Insights

The conference call with Yahoo! Local started with a few technical bumps, but once we got rolling, Paul discussed several important developments in Yahoo's plans.

It was no surprise to me that he places heavy emphasis on having channel partners to provide full-service to local businesses.

The relatively new "Featured Listings" products on Yahoo! Local offer prime positioning in a limited inventory rotation on either the top of the page of relevant search results ("North" rotation), or on the bottom of the page ("South" rotation).

Commando hint: buy the top, and buy it now. There isn't a more important local network of sites, and these spots won't last long. The prices range from $20 - $300 per month depending on classification and geography.

Also, Yahoo's Enhanced Listings (which sell for $9.95) generally increase user activity by double the unenhanced listings.

Another Commando hint: enhance your listing and load that profile with relevant content and especially photos.

More later . . .


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