Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Right lizard, wrong accent

So I got a very nice email from Peter Kent, author of Search Engine Optimization for Dummies who informed me that the Geico gecko's accent is actually an English one rather than Australian. Probably south England, perhaps London.

I love that he took the time to correspond.

It's that kind of attention to detail that marks the difference between a hobbyist and a true professional.


Anonymous David b. Monier-Williams said...

I love all the Gecko ads, and I'd dearly love to get a DVD with all of them on it.

F.Y.I. the accent is English, sub a cross between Cockney and Cockney/"Charlie." you have to know the the nouance.E.g. Pie and Chips translates to Steak and Kidney Pie and French Fries.Yummmmmmmmie!!!!

David B. Monier-Williams

9:59 AM  

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