Thursday, May 25, 2006

Digital Dubai

This might not seem important, but Dubai is one of the most influential countries in the Middle East, and their move toward a digital directory reaffirms the trends toward online world-wide.

Every month for the last decade, five new full yellow pages directories are added to an already crowded market in the US.

It's still profitable to publish print directories. But dang, there is only so many marketing dollars to go around.

What's a local business to do?

Gulfnews: Yellow Pages to go digital next year: "Yellow Pages to go digital lnext year

By Chinmay Chaudhuri, Staff Reporter

Dubai: The yellow pages, the quintessential directory of companies, is a must-have 5,000 pager for every business. Now that big volume directory has received a technological makeover shrunk into a DVD, making it more informative and easier to use.

In December, Dubai-based Spark Advertising, a subsidiary of Crossworld Middle East, will launch the UAE's first commercial directory in a DVD format.

'We have named it Yellow DVD. We are using technology to give the client the best advantage by offering them full screen displays (on PCs) instead of lineage advertisements. That allows the company to squeeze in as much detail about itself as it wants,' said K K Babu, chief executive of Spark Technologies.

The company plans to distribute 500,000 Yellow DVDs free in the UAE in 2007."


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