Saturday, July 22, 2006

Verizon Buys Inceptor

Verizon acquired Inceptor, an Efficient Frontier competitor that specializes in bid management software for placing ads on Google and Yahoo.

This marks a significant move for Verizon that they want to expand their capabilities to distribute their advertisers across multiple search properties.

Once again, Verizon is leading the charge in the US in terms of greatly expanding the service offerings of their online product.

Three cheers for Eric Chandler, and the Verizon team for taking action. Print is certainly on its way out, and the Superpages team isn't waiting around to be a casualty.

Verizon Directories, a subsidiary of Verizon Communications, said on Friday that it has acquired the assets of Inceptor, a search engine technology company.

Verizon said the deal would bolster its Internet yellow-pages business, Verizon said in December that it would sell or spin off its directories unit as it focuses on its wireless, high-speed data and corporate customers.


Blogger searchquant said...

Calling Inceptor an Efficient Frontier competitor is like calling Wallawalla High School's baseball team a competitor of the Yankees. Inceptor never really got its U.S. business off the ground and ended up focusing more effort in Europe where they felt competition would be less intense.

Also, my own opinion is that their marketing statements around having portfolio algorithm technology were completely bogus. I think they simply decided to make Efficient Frontier's positioning their own.

Believe me, if Inceptor was really competing with Efficient Frontier, I would've seen it in more than 2-3 accounts per year.

8:11 AM  

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