Monday, February 14, 2005

Local Search Blog

Local Search ... Is your business ready?

I came across this blog that is focused on local internet search. It's very informative and keeps abreast of the developments in this space.

As the Yellow Pages Commando, I'll tell you that local search is a very important method of reaching potential customers who use the internet rather than the printed telephone directory.


Blogger Marketing Guy said...

Hi Dick, thanks for visiting my Blog. I would be curious to know how you see the Yellow Pages fitting into the new landscape of "local seach" online.

Do you see opportunities, possible joint ventures?

Do you perceive it as a big challenge or just a blip on the radar for now?

4:56 AM  
Blogger Dick Larkin said...

Local Search is interesting in that it is providing a service that was once the clear domain of the Yellow Pages.

However, the real test is the ability for a distributed sales force (such as is employed in the YP industry) to be able to economically provide this service to local businesses.

Most businesses do not "self provision" any of their advertising. A sales person from the YP, radio, cable, Penny Saver, newspaper, direct mail house, etc. visit the small business and sell them space in the medium.

Local Search is almost totally self provisioned, and that requires massive change for the way that the local business person operates.

While I believe there is huge value to be had, it will not be optimized until it's much easier to sell.

8:29 AM  

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