Monday, January 31, 2005 - takes cheap shot at Amazon's Internet Yellow Pages

USA TODAY takes a cheap shot at Amazon's A9 Internet Yellow Pages, but exposes a weakness.

You can read the article, but mostly USA TODAY found several instances where the photos embedded in Amazon's whiz-bang IYP didn't match the listings.

That's something that can be corrected with technology, and I'm certain that the Amazon folks will have it worked out before long.

There was some lame-assed example of abused women's shelters being photographed putting the residents at risk.

Oh, puh-lease. the photographs are not the issue. The issue is that Amazon is using a national database provided by acxiom (the same database used by Verizon's someone at Amazon didn't know that they needed to filter some of the listings. It probably took all of 10 seconds to fix.

The real story here is that Amazon is probably the best company at gathering data on people's shopping behaviors and then presenting them with personalized guidance that is highly relevant.

Their foray into Internet Yellow Pages is a bold move to begin gathering information on consumer's offline behavior. Nobody has done that yet, and we're not going to see that type of innovation come out of the Yellow Pages industry. - Oops! Amazon's new online Yellow Pages pictures Rockefeller Ice Skating Rink as a bus


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