Saturday, January 22, 2005

Complaints prompt investigation into Verizon white page directories

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Here's an article about the Virginia State government coming after Verizon about errors and omissions in their white pages directory. The white pages are supposed to list all telephone numbers of businesses and residences in the local area.

There is a legal requirement of the local utility to publish their listings as a condition for providing local telephone service. It surprises me that the printed directories continue to be more accurate than most online directories. and InfoSpace are the leaders in providing residential listings online. I have done deals with both to provide listings information to (the IYP I publish). Currently I use, and I believe that they give us the best residential listings available.

Here's the article . . .

The State Corporation Commission will begin a formal investigation of Verizon white-pages directories that have generated complaints of errors and omissions.

Roanoke, Richmond, Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads customers say their directories have a variety of problems ranging from listings not in alphabetical order to entire communities omitted from the books, said SCC spokesman Ken Schrad.

The investigation will not include yellow-pages listings because they aren’t regulated by the commission, he said.

Schrad said he hadn’t heard of complaints about Verizon’s Lynchburg directory but didn’t rule out the possibility of errors.

“I’m not aware of anything that occurred … specifically in the Lynchburg area,” he said. “But that doesn’t mean there couldn’t be some.”

In a statement, Harry Mitchell, Verizon’s Mid-Atlantic region spokesman, said the company will work closely with the commission on the investigation. “Verizon’s goal is to deliver a telephone directory that’s accurate and dependable, and by and large we do just that,” the statement read.

“That said, we have had some errors in certain directories in recent months. We are working hard to prevent their recurrence, and we regret any inconvenience these errors may have caused our customers.”

Some Verizon West Virginia customers have had problems with their phonebooks too, according to RedNova News. Phone numbers are incorrect and some government listings are in the wrong categories.


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