Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Pick up the yellow pages, but ... which one?

Here's an interesting article about the push for syndicated research in the Yellow Pages industry. I have to take an opposing stance to the other industry leaders on the subject of syndicated research.

In the next edition of the Yellow Pages Commando News, I'll state my views on the subject of syndicated research and the Yellow Pages industry.

Pick up the yellow pages, but ... which one?: "Pick up the yellow pages, but ... which one?
Confusion grows as number of directory offerings proliferates

Tuesday, January 11, 2005
By Teresa F. Lindeman, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Upon Bob Beall's arrival in Pittsburgh a few years ago, he took the advice of a national yellow pages agency and bought space in Verizon's Allegheny County phone book for his Mr. Rooter plumbing franchise.

If only it were still so simple. These days, Beall's business has ads in the Verizon book, the Yellow Book and smaller directories such as the North Pittsburgh Telephone Co. version. The plumbing franchise has even begun advertising in online directories.

The $14 billion yellow pages industry, once a rather sedate Ma Bell monopoly, has undergone a competitive explosion. The Yellow Pages Association estimates more than 7,000 traditional U.S. directories offer listings, with a new one published almost every day of the year.

Just which of the often hefty publications is being picked up when people need a plumber is not always clear.

Faced with the threat of losing national ad dollars to other mediums, the industry has wrestled its sometimes bickering members into tackling a problem that threatens all of them: the lack of a respected, third-party referee. It is hoped that telephone surveys that begin this month in more than 90 markets from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles to Milwaukee will give the yellow pages what TV has with its Nielsens and radio with its Arbitron ratings.

'We need to give our clients some answers,' said Stuart McKelvey, president of TMP Worldwide Directional Marketing, which claims to be the world's largest yellow pages advertising agency, handling placements for companies such as Pizza Hut and Ford Motor Co.

Clients have begun insisting on answers. In July 2002, two key groups -- the Association of National Advertisers and the American Association of Advertising Agencies -- paired up for a position paper not"


Anonymous Wily Fox said...

The major books definitely commnad higher possession, usage and preference thereby offering the maximum value to advertisers. The telco books have the most current and complete information which insures the highest degree of user satisfaction (minimal missing or incorrect data). Also the smaller, indy publishers typically have underdeveloped advertising which offers consumers less choices which, comparitively speaking, provides minimal user satisfaction. While some homes may possess several directories the proof is when you continually see the primary book (usually the phone co.) with a well worn cover and numbers scrawled across it's covers. Surveys and reports may be inaccurate but physical proof tells the truth - call it YPA DNA evidence. . .

7:34 PM  

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