Friday, December 31, 2004

$57 million Yellow Pages black eye

YP Corp. Announces Fiscal 2004 Results

YP Corp, a Mesa, AZ company that operates an online Yellow Pages directory announced that they "earned" revenues of $57 million for the year.

YP "sells" directory advertising through a cleverly disguised direct mail system. YP mails out "checks" of $3.57 or some other small amount. Because anyone can use the walking fingers logo and can claim to be "THE Yellow Pages", the checks appear to be legitimate.

The fine print on the back and in the attached mailer specifies that the depositer of the check is agreeing to allow YP Corp to deduct $30-$40 per month for directory advertising.

The depositor also has unwittingly signed up for a dial-up internet access account.

YP Corp has successfully passed an FTC investigation and has been accepted as members to the leading Yellow Pages industry associations.

In my opinion, what they are doing is misleading and deceptive. I urge any business who receives a mailing from this or any other deceptive Yellow Pages publisher to contact their state's attorney general and complain.

I believe in the value generated by Yellow Pages and Internet Yellow Pages advertising. My concern is that the businesses "advertising" with YP Corp. are not properly informed.


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