Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Sometimes we make things to hard. Here are some simple things you can
do to boost your sales in the new year. Make it a new year’s
resolution to implement one of these ideas each week during the month
of January.

1. Coach your service technicians to be friendly. Homeowners remark
again and again how much they like friendly technicians.

2. Give everyone in your company a business card. Technicians should
present them at the start of a service call. People save business

3. Give technicians photo ID badges. Using equipment from your office
supply store, it’s simple to create photo ID badges to clip on a

4. Place mirrors by the call taker’s phone. People can hear a smile.

5. Collect email addresses and send your customers email newsletters.
Fill the newsletter with items that will interest your readers (hint:
this is not news about your company). Include Internet-only specials.

6. Take digital images of your customers and your work to add credence
to their testimonials.

7. Follow up on every service call to see how you performed. Follow up
to collect information and to identify future sales opportunities.

8. Give your technicians a supply of breath spray and spray on scent.
This is especially important for smokers.

9. Present add-ons and bundles on every repair and quote. Tonight I
was upsold by CiCiCiCiizza. Last week, while Christmas shopping, two
retailers sold me additional items at the cash register. They were the
only two who even asked.

10. Remind people that you are “family owned.”

11. Add your website to every piece of literature you use.

12. PapePaperclipusiness card to every bill you pay, personally and

13. Give a business card to the manager of every business you patronize
and ask for their business.

14. Encourage your employees to place company magnets or stickers on
the backs of personal vehicles.

15. Make your fax cover page into a marketing flyeflyernclude a special
fax promotion.

16. In your email, include a signature promoting your business.

17. Write an article for the local paper.

18. Send out a press release. Send one every time you hire a new
employee. Send one every time you reach a milestone. Send one every
time you perform a job of significance. Send one with seasonal
consumer information.

19. Keep customers better informed about the status of their dispatch.
Give them an ETA and revise it. Have you ever had a flight delayed?
It’s far more tolerable to be given a departure time, almost any time,
rather than TBA.

20. Guarantee something you already do. In what situations will you
give money back? If you size something incorrectly, will you
upsiupsize for free? Do your customers know? Tell them.

21. Create a unique selling proposition (USP) that states succinctly
and lucidly what you do well, better than anyone else. Include this
with all marketing material.

22. Boost your search engine placement by including a page of local
links. Be sure to ask everyone you link to for a return link (to the
page of links if nowhere else).

23. Use bounce back coupons. When you do business with someone, offer
them a coupon for a dollars off discount from a future purchase.

24. Wish your customers a happy new year. On Thursday or Friday of
this week, call your most important customers for no other reason than
to wish them a safe, happy, and prosperous new year. It will make you
stand out and it will generate business. If you serve the residential
market, have your staff call a random sample of your customers. They
make think you’re a little odd, but they will also remember the call
and possibly talk about it.

25. Ask people to refer you. They don’t know you want referrals. Tell
them. By the way, please refer your associates, friends, neighbors,
and family to Comanche Marketing (www.wwwaComancheMarketing) and pop an
email to the air conditioning company and plumbing company you use,
telling them about the Service RounRoundtablew.wwwvServiceRoundtable).
See how easy it is?

© 2004 Matt Michel

Source: Comanche Marketing. Reprinted by permission.
Free subscriptions are available at:

www.wwwvserviceroundtable -- click on the Comanche Marketing tab


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