Wednesday, April 19, 2006

CallOurLawyers and Bell South

I paid BellSouth a lot of money to do Internet advertising for me. I finally came to the conclusion that BellSouth was more interested in the money than they were about making me happy. I terminated the contract and told BellSouth to sue me so I could cross complain against them. I'm still waiting for the lawsuit.

I was receiving no business while BellSouth managed my online advertising. I took over my advertising and receive a flood of calls from potential buyers. I asked BellSouth to prove that I was not a victim of click fraud. No documents were ever provided. Other than past due notices, BellSouth has not provided me with documents that prove how much they were spending on the advertising or even what the key words they were using were.

Bottom line: I terminated online and yellowbook advertising with BellSouth!

Burton Fletcher


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This may sound harsh but it is my reality based on discussions with many advertisers. BellSouth is continually rolling out Internet products to recapture revenue being lost in the print product. Unfortunately they know very little about delivering value on the Internet - and the reps know even less about the Internet in general. If you need an online directory listing then call them but if you need a website, optimization or ANY type of search engine marketing you should call a REAL Internet company. Your results will be better and your costs almost certainly will be far less. The "guaranteed click program", which is probably what you had, is horrible! They will not tell you what keywords they use to get your clicks so for all you know it is "Britney Spears". So, clicks will happen but no buyer action. The rep will tell you that your website is bad or you did not answer the phone, blah, blah, blah. Most advertisers don't track results as well as you did so congrats! I have talked to many business owners about the guaranteed clicks program and NOT ONE has had any positive words. Their IYP products are extremely overpriced and grossly under-deliver. This is what happens when your business is only about generating revenue. Anyone interested in such products should ask for 3-5 LOCAL references before they sign up - don't go in blind.

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