Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Incorrect phone number in the yellow pages

About a month ago my phone started ringing, with people asking for quotes on redi-mix concrete. (We are not in the redi-mix business)

I would politely direct them to the local company. Finally I received a call from a man who got very angry with me when I attempted to redirect him. He said why the @#% do you have a listing under redi-mix in the yellow pages. I said I don’t. He said the @#% you do. I finally got him to tell me where. I found the book and there it was. And my fax #.

Now I am getting unsolicited faxes as well (spam faxes). I called the yellow pages publisher. After being on hold and shuffled around, I was asked, well what category do you want to be in.

When I replied none, the person got rude. (I never paid for any yellow page advertising) I asked where they got the idea that I wanted a listing under redi-mix?

They couldn’t exactly say, but they thought it must have came from the local phone co. I asked to be removed from future printings. They couldn’t promise that it would be cleared up. It just brought back memories of past dealings with the yellow page people, none of which are fond.

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KL Teed

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