Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Note from a Cutter


I am a independent yellow pages consultant AKA "cutter".

I created this concept in 1979 after a short time (5 years) with GTE now Verizon. Yellow pages publishers do what ever they can to squeeze their competition with more books, ridicules discount programs, and expansion of distribution into areas that will do nothing to advance the advertisers call opportunities. What the publishers do to each either effects the customers which teeters on the edge of criminal. In many cases they bully and use un-fair inference to keep advertisers ads in line. Polling the thousands of business owners that we have helped save money, nearly all of them consider yellow pages a "necessary evil".

I hear that time phrase time and again. I think your blog is a great idea.

I can’t wait for the flurry of stories

Currently I am contact with several Washington state lawmakers. Accordingly the insurance, real-estate, beauticians, plumbing contractors, etc. along with many other businesses who, are required by law, to have a fiduciary responsibility to their customers.

The yellow pages industry collects billions of dollars from the business community yet the only policing or inspection they have is the better business bureau or some toothless consumer protection office in the attorney generals office.

A licensing procedure such as a independent training school, testing, and license fees would improve the quality of the industry, or at least get rid of the rascals who cause the problems that your article has pointed out.

The reason why people hate the yellow pages is how they are marketed, very similar to used cars, old time magazine sale, or siding sales.

Matt P Tonning III


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