Thursday, March 31, 2005

Verizon Plans To Jack 411 Directory Assistance Fee Four Times

Y'know, Internet Yellow Pages keep getting more attractive to users. Verizon is doing its part to chase users to the net by quadrupling the price of directory assistance..

Yahoo! News - Verizon Plans To Hike 411 Directory Assistance Fee: "Verizon Plans To Hike 411 Directory Assistance Fee

Wed Mar 30, 5:31 PM ET

With Verizon Communications owing MCI an acquisition fee of about $7.6 billion, Verizon, as the largest telecommunications company in the U.S., can draw on several different sources of revenue to help pay for MCI.

On Friday, Verizon is scheduled to hike its 411 directory assistance fee to $1.25 per request ' an increase of nearly four times over its existing 411 charge. Revenue flowing into Verizon's coffers from the 411 service will eventually surge because of its tens of millions of subscribers.

Earlier this year, Verizon unloaded its Canadian yellow pages directory operation for $1.5 billion as the company followed its strategy of disposing of businesses it didn't deem strategic for its growth. The purchaser, Bain Capital, turned around a few months later and sold the Canadian directory operation to a Canadian company for $2.1 billion.

As for the 411 service, a North Carolina company ' 411Saver ' is making Verizon's Massachusetts customers a one-time offer: 411Saver is offering free calls to the state's residents on Friday.

A spokesman for 411Saver took advantage of the situation to tease Verizon. 'We don't use voice recognition software where you have to repeat yourself 15 times, and we don't ship calls overseas where you have to repeat yourself 20 times,' the spokesman told the Boston Globe. 'With 411Saver, you'll always talk to a real person right here in the USA.'

Verizon has said that it has been losing money on its 411 service and the price hasn't been raised in nearly 15 years, company officials said."


Anonymous courtney said...

I have tried the service and it works for me sometimes.
But i really prefer to have my directory assistance service for free. I call 1-800411SAVE and its really amazing. I was able to talk to live operator, and at no time i got my number. No extra charge. It is something that all of us should have.

8:12 PM  

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