Tuesday, March 15, 2005

FindYP challenging the Elite System

Background: The Yellow Pages Association has long maintained a closed order entry system that controls how advertising agencies (called CMRs) place ads for national advertisers such as U-Haul, Roto-Rooter and Service Master.

It has helped the industry with uniformity, but it's been lacking in the competitive edge that spurs innovation.

A new company FindYP is challenging the YPA monopoly.

Following is a note I received from Philip Wojcik, President of FindYP.

Effective April 1st, Find YP will be including CO-OP information in the eRates and Data system free of charge to the CMRs that are subscribed to use the powerful tool we have created. We have a strategic agreement going in place, to license use of one of the largest CO-OP information sources available to the advertising industry.

Currently eRates and Data has over 1000 directories live and more being added daily.

We are also working on a Zip Code radius search that will allow a CMR to enter a zip code, select a radius, and return a list of all directories within that search.

Rock on, Philip! Competition makes us all better.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its about time someone gave the industry a product they really need instead of having YPA/YPIMA/YP-whatever jam something down our throats

5:41 AM  
Anonymous sea-rch said...

The YP industry has had an automated means of determining all directories distributed within a radius area - ZIP Code/distance - for over 10 years. Over 100 CMRs are using Sea-rch(TM) software to accomplish this as well ZIP Code/directory cross reference, Directory distribution cross reference (including CD based maps of all directory distribution areas), directory demographic ranking reports, etc. See what has already been done at www.sea-rch.com.

6:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My company was part of the beta testing of the eRates and Data product. It is a very powerful tool that combines the directory rates and data together with just about everything Sea-rch has, and a lot that Sea-rch doesn't have. With the inclusion of the CO-OP information, it litterally will be a one stop resourse for the CMR community.

Basically it comes down to no more paying through the nose for 3 seperate products.

Sorry David, much as we like the Sea-rch software, it still costs a fortune for us to use.

2:36 PM  

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