Saturday, March 19, 2005

Complaint about the contest . . .

I received the following email about the ad design contest.

Ty Hutchinson wrote:

$99 for an ad? yeah right. what a f***ing insult.

Here's how I responded.

Deat Ty,

Thanks for your honest feedback.

I think you might be missing the bigger opportunity. Personally, I could care less about the ad. This contest is about challenging status quo in YP ad design.

However, the folks who submit their work will have it displayed and featured before 10,000 of the top YP industry executives, CMRs and advertisers in the YP industry.

In the larger scheme of things, there probably isn't a better opportunity for a designer to show off than this silly contest.

Ad designers typically charge $2,000 for a full page ad. I have no idea how many clients a good designer may pick up from being selected by the best minds in the industry. Regardless, there is perhaps no better showcase.

Thanks for speaking up.

Dick Larkin


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