Monday, March 21, 2005

Local Search: Convert and Win

"My ROI on local search advertising is literally 10 times better than my Yellow Pages ad."

This article by the founder of an internet search marketing firm discusses his father's success using local search marketing vs. traditional Yellow Pages advertising.

His father's firm provides the following services:

Indoor Air Quality
Mold and Mildew
Site Assessments
Soil and Groundwater
Waste Water Discharge
Surface Water
Storage Tank Removals

He's experiencing a much higher call volume and conversion using local internet search marketing as opposed to his print Yellow Pages ad.

To be sure, the local marketing is changing, and he is enjoying a particularly high ROI partially because the cost for his keywords is low. As competition in the market heats up, he may find that his cost for customer acquisition online rivals or even exceeds his print advertising.

It's important to recognize that no one advertising source will make a business successful. It's also important to recognize that many Yellow Pages rates have become astronomically high compared to the value delivered.

My final thought . . .

This man asked his son's search engine marketing firm to handle online marketing for him. Is it possible that the Yellow Pages publisher could have offered this same service and gained the firm's online advertising business as well?


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