Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Verizon considered #1 MegaBrand by AdAge

AD AGE MEGABRANDS REPORT: FIRST-HALF 2004: "CHICAGO (AdAge.com) -- Powered by its wireless unit, the Verizon megabrand drew $730.8 million in first-half 2004 measured advertising to lead all U.S. brand spending during the period.

Verizon has led every half-year analysis of the Top 200 Megabrands' spending by Advertising Age since replacing AT&T the end of 2002.

There's no question that Verizon is one of the heaviest advertisers in the world. Does this give Verizon a sustainable competitive advantage? Not necessarily.

It does show that they continue to be serious about being "The Brand" in their core business units. As a competitor to Verizon in many markets, I find that the brand strength is less important than the quality of customer service and perceived value.


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