Monday, October 11, 2004

Verizon SuperPages Wins Case Vs. Yellow Book

Verizon SuperPages Wins Case Vs. Yellow Book

I have to agree with Verizon that the Yellow Book ads were misleading by saying that more people used their book than the "Other Book".

The ads were good for increasing the exposure of the industry, and they did one hell of a job branding Yellow Book. Everytime I wore my TransWestern shirt in public, someone would say that they saw our "yellow book" ads on television.

I believe that Yellow Book would have been wiser to invest the money they spent on TV advertising (it had to be several million) on making better directories. For example, they could have given away quarter page ads to every restaurant in the country, and consumers would use their books because of their usefulness.

I just don't believe that TV advertising is a winning strategy unless your product is considered superior by consumers.


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