Thursday, April 22, 2004


There are some companies sending out "checks" for a small amount, typically $2.50 - $3.57. These checks appear to be refund checks issued by a legitimate Yellow Pages publisher.

NEVER cash a check you didn't expect to receive !

The tiny print on the back of the check and the envelope insert state that cashing the check obligates the company to pay for a worthless listing on an obscure Internet Yellow Pages web site.

Here is an article about Yellow Pages, Inc. in Anaheim, California. Another scam artist is based in Arizona. These companies are so successful that is actually a publicly traded company.

When the S**t hits the fan, the investors will be as burned as the "advertisers".

Yellow Pages publishers don't release a penny without good reason.

If you get a check like this, let your states attorney general know.

The New York Times > Business > Small Business: When the Check in the Mail Is a Bill


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