Saturday, January 17, 2004

This is an amazing (and free) tool. ARGALI is software that you download to your desktop and it will simultaneously search several Internet Yellow Pages and other data sources.

Most IYPs have the functionality built in, but ARGALI will sort and compile the information so fast and easy, it's incredible. Personally, I'm amazed that the IYPs allow the ARGALI engine to ping their databases.

I find it useful when my first search doesn't show the listing I'm looking for. I'll use ARGALI and see if the data resides somewhere else on the web.

What happens is that the various IYPs use different sources for their listings data. Some use the listings from their own telco, but no single IYP has a complete and up to date listings database.

Wanna know why? Simple . . . MONEY!

We don't charge people to search the IYP so that we keep our traffic numbers high. However, fresh data comes with a pretty substantial cost. So most of us do the best we can to balance current listings with cost.

One solution that we use is to make a free form to update a listing right on the front of our website. It makes it easy for a business or individual to let us know that a listing has changed. It isn't perfect, but it does make it easy for people to help us do a better job.

Try ARGALI and let me know what you think.


Argali White & Yellow - the most complete and reliable phone directories search on the Internet


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