Monday, October 25, 2004

Florida Bar Cracking Down on Lawyer Ads - Article

This article about the Florida Bar cracking down on lawyer ads has me a little concerned.

Beyond misleading or fraudulent ads, they have gone after a law firm for using a pit bull theme as playing on people's emotions. Since when is the emotional aspect of advertising illegal?

I see the state bar doing double talk on this issue.

To be sure, the lawyer ads are probably tasteless. But does that make them illegal?

Senator Rod Smith, D-Gainesville says, "Somehow, images of Webster, Darrow, Marshall and Cox disappear when I am told of a television ad that suggests good legal counsel can be obtained by simply dialing 1-800-PIT-BULL."

It seems to me that at least some of these lawyers were masters of courtroom dramatics and theatrics. They probably didn't have the Johnny Cochran rhyming machine, but they knew how to manipulate juries.

The day that they outlaw courtroom drama and emotion is the day that they should outlaw advertising.


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