Monday, February 27, 2006

Pick Up the Phone, Your Search Term Is Calling - New York Times

Pick Up the Phone, Your Search Term Is Calling - New York Times

This article in the NY Times clarifies the growing intensity for pay-per-call advertising on the internet.

What I like about PPCall is that it focuses more on the advertiser benefit, which is getting leads from the advertising.

A call more closely represents a real customer than a click.

I think that it's safe to say that Google is taking aim squarely at the groin of the Yellow pages industry.

Now, who do you think is going to go out and sell this to the local merchants?

If the big print publishers become resellers for Google & Co., they will be hastening the demise of their cash cow.

If they DON'T provide the service to advertisers, they have to watch someone else do it.

As Buford would say, "Danged if you do and Danged if you don't."


Anonymous Pradeep Aggarwal said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would hate to have a business model that pretty much depends on outdated sales techniques and methods to achieve the results. I don't care how successful it may have been in the past...if the customers do not like it, and what business likes the YP rep?approach, that alone is a bad sign.

8:41 PM  

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