Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Ask Jeeves Goes Local, Adds New Smart Search Features

By Gary Price

Ask Jeeves has announced a new exclusive partnership with local search and content provider CitySearch, and added new search shortcuts.

Beginning next month Ask Jeeves will integrate content from CitySearch, including more than two million editorial and user reviews and ratings of local businesses, directly into a Smart Search result box at the top of a search result page.

For example, a restaurant listing will not only contain directory info (name, location, phone number) but also ratings and reviews, hours of operation, and other relevant information.

Ask Jeeves continues to expand the use of their Smart Search technology which provides direct links or a direct answer at the top of a search result page.

The company also announced that maps and driving directions as well as city guides for more than 4000 cities are now available as a Smart Search feature. A search for "Los Angeles" contains a result box with direct links to a variety of resources including the city's official web site, maps, city facts (via Wikipedia) and climate information.

Two months ago Ask Jeeves announced the availability of several Smart Search shortcuts including movie reviews, wedding registry info, and gas price data. This past Spring they rolled out Famous People Search which offers with biographical information about celebrities, news makers, and historical figures. Ask Jeeves formally introduced the Smart Search technology in April 2003.


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